Lake Maggiore Zipline

What is it about?

Facing the splendid panorama of Lake Maggiore, surrounded by the greenery of Valle Intrasca, wrapped up in the emotion of flying and the unique sensation of experiencing the nose-dive of the hawk.

As the crow flies, the distance from Pian d’Arla (1.307 meters altitude / 4.290 feet) to Alpe Segletta (960 m altitude / 3.150 ft) is 1.850 meters ( 6.070 ft ) to be covered in just over 90 seconds flying at the speed of over 120 km/h (75mph) firmly latched on to a cable.
Essentially that is what the Lake Maggiore Zipline is, a thrill that glides on a thread and gifts the emotion of flying.

The Zipline is a steel cable anchored between two points at different altitudes from which one descends safely at high speed, providing the sensation of free flight.

The difference from Zipline to handgliding, paragliding and other ways of flight without an engine is that the Zipline is within the reach of everybody; no specialist equipment, no particular skills or fitness preparations are required.


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