Lake Maggiore Zipline

From the Aerial Ropeway to the Zipline

Mountains and woods, a way of life that flowed between work and tradition, the passing of time measured by the hissing of the loads transported downhill along the cableways. A clever system of transport, quick and less exhausting, used  to move the mountain products  to the valleys.

Same mountains, same woods. A modern way of life that rans fast, chaotic in the build-up areas, peacefulness up the mountains but the same hissing that brings back  to the woods a new ideal to help the economy of the High Lands.

The cableway has been transformed into the Zipline, and on the steel cable the dream of flight becomes reality. A safe flight, within everybodies reach, it does not require special efforts, courage or ability and it serves to keep the mountain and the valley connected.