Lake Maggiore Zipline

The idea of the High Lands

A valley, a handful af small town councils and a tiny population that loves their territory and  that want to carry on living right here. Knowing that they can rely upon only on the natural resources: the incline, the wood, the great view, clean air and crystal clear water.

Starting with the firm belief that the mountain does not have to be put under a glass-dome, locked up in a museum or worst of all forgotten, arouses the awareness that the mountain itself with its distinctive features has to be the cardinal point on which to build the new project for the future of the High Lands.

A future that can be based on a innovative way of attracting tourism, from a project also certified  by the European Sustainable Tourist Charter. It re-interprets an ancient work tool, it changes it into a modern attraction to give an impulse to a new concept of mountain economy.